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  • TDI Marriage
  • TDA Marriage
  • 6teen Marriage
  • Happy Tree Friends Marriage
  • Celebrity Marriage
  • Chat Room
  • Create Your Perfect Marriage Match
  • How your Marriage is gonna be

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  • Sunday June 21- New website
  • Sunday June 21- total drama action fan

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WELCOME to get married with a cartoon character, this is a site for any kids or teenagers or adults that have obessions over cartoon characters and chat about their feelings for them and to make it more fun you can make your own and see if any others are in the obession of your creation you created or create your own marriage and see if anyone else likes how they like yours or take your idea and get married in it with any created or non-created characters if you choose between both and you can marry tons of characters when ever you like must create pictures with the thumb sizer for the pictures or if not best picture size it any size you want but make sure to list who are you married to and date of marriage you can also custom your picture as a cartoon character also and see who married you and who ever get the most marriages gets to be featured user of the month


1. Never marry your self its weird, un professional, and will screw every thing up on the web site, BANNED for TWO DAYS

2. Never yell at other people. you will be BANNED for a DAY

3. Must list age on your profile and marriage date and who you married. NO BANNED (ONLY A WARNING)

4. Never threat, vandalise, spam, talk behind peoples back UNLESS they do any of this. you will be BANNED for a WEEK

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